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Buyers Hanker After Life In The Country

Buying habits are changing and more people are now looking for a house where they can settle long-term, it has been revealed.

Increasingly, the house of people's dreams is in the country, with 59 per cent of respondents to a poll conducted by Yorkshire Bank saying living in or near the countryside would be beneficial for both their health and wellbeing.

A further 32 per cent would consider moving to the countryside in order to improve the education prospects for their children, and just 27 per cent actually prefer the city lifestyle to the more sedate life in the country.

"In contrast to the recent trend of buying, improving and moving on, many buyers are concentrating on finding a home where they can settle long-term, and build a future for themselves and their family." confirmed Gary Lumby, Yorkshire Bank's head of retail.

"Potential buyers are savvier than ever and are really doing their homework when it comes to finding the perfect location to buy," he added.

In order to live in the country, 72 per cent of people are willing to commute for over an hour every day.