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Bulgarias Property Becomes 1.6 Per Cent More Expensive

Property in Bulgaria became on the average 1.6 per cent more expensive from April to June 2006.

The average price of sq m of property reached 819.3 leva. The increase was highest in bigger towns and cities, Bulgarian news agency BTA reported.

Property in Gabrovo gained most in price, data of the National Statistical Institute shows. The increase registered there reached 15.2 per cent. Real estate in the town costs on the average 633.8 leva a sq m.

Price of property in Kurdzhali went down by 4.8 per cent. The average price there is 605 leva a sq m, BTA reported.

The tendency for the most expensive property to be located in Bulgaria's capital remains valid. Real estate in Sofia costs on the average 1322.7 leva a sq m. The increase, compared to prices in the first three months of 2006 is 0.7 per cent.

Apartments in Varna cost on the average 1263.8 leva a sq m, with the increase in prices being 2.1 per cent. Property in Bourgas sells for 1180.5 leva a sq m on the average.

Property in Kiustendil and the Sofia region turns out to be cheapest, on the average 438.3 leva a sq m.