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Bulgarians' Incomes Climb Twofold Over 1999 - 2007

The income average per person in a Bulgarian household over the period 1999-2007 climbed roughly twofold from EUR 750 to EUR 1550, data of the National Statistical Institute show.

Salary incomes have also increased two times at their face value, which shows changes in the labour market took place in the last eight years - the employment has raised and the pension age has been extended.

There are some increase also in the pensions' size as the real incomes raised by 54,8 percent. That phenomenon could be explained by the increase in the number of the elderly people in Bulgaria.

Money a household gains from performing agriculture activities has decreased.

In the period 1995 - 1998 the food expenses of a household were set at over 50 percent of the money earned while in 2007 that figure reduced to 37,5 percent. It, however, remains far away from the figures over the same index in EU developed member states and US.