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Bulgarian - Serbian Economical Forum Starts In Sofia

President Georgy Parvanov opens a Bulgarian - Serbian economical forum by initiative of Bulgarian investors in Serbia.

The forum's aim is to support the future developing of business relations between both neighbour countries.

Part of the reports' themes are ‘Challenges in front of business in the both countries' and ‘Opportunities of partnership between modern municipalities'.

A program of Culture exchange in informational society will be presented and also the first media Bulgarian - Serbian exchange.

After the recognition of Kosovo's Independence by Bulgaria, the operation in the region Bulgarian firms, 130 in common have shortly reduced to 90 already.

The specialist Yavor Kuiumdhiev speaks of literal expansion of Bulgarian producers in Serbia. According to Bulgarian council in Nis Georgy Yurukov during the last 4 years the stock exchange between Bulgaria and Serbia has been increasing with almost 50% every year.

Presently Bulgaria is in Top 10 of Serbian foreign - economical partners. Bulgarians have been privatized most of the privatized Serbian enterprises - more than 40.

In the words of Bulgarian businessmen the investments from our country in Western neighbour is already round 500 million EUR.