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Bulgarian Rural Regions To Get Eu Money For Fast Internet

The funds for securing internet connection in the rural regions and broadband access in the smaller settlements will be spend for this purpose and want be re-distributed or not acquired. This claimed for Krassimir Simonski, vice chairman of the State agency for information technologies and communication with regard to the undergoing conference "Telecommunications - crises and possibilities".According to the Plan for economic recovery of the rural regions and municipalities in Bulgaria between 25 and 30 million euro are set for the securing of internet and at some places it should be a fast one. Simonski added that in his talks with representatives from the Ministry of agriculture and food, as well as with experts from the European commission he had received the assurance that pointed funds will be used purposefully.At the conference it became clear that after the conducted public discussion regarding the National program for development of broadband access of Bulgaria, the document will be sent for agreement to all ministries, which in two weeks should make a decision. If any of them opposes the program and it doesn't get the status of national strategy from the Council of minister, this could delay the acquisition of the European funds for broadband access, which should be spent for design, establishment, maintenance and management of the information infrastructure, claimed Peter Statev, chairman of ICT Cluster.