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Bulgarian Property Most Valued By Russian Investors

Bulgaria remains the most popular and sought-after destination for Russian real estate investors. As of March 2009, 18.8 per cent of all applications processed for real estate wanted, in the Russian website, were targeting properties and land in Bulgaria.There is, however, a marginal drop in demand, as in January interest from Russia generated 19.84 per cent of applications. Regardless of that however, Bulgaria has maintained its top position in the charts.Second after Bulgaria is the United States, with 7.85 per cent. Third is Spain with 7.31 per cent.According to the analysis by, as reported by, there is a considerably larger drop in demand for such locations as Egypt and Finland. Latvia, which is outside the top 10, has registered a rise in demand, as it has advanced up the pecking order from 15th to 11th position.Fourth is Germany with 7.03 per cent, followed by Finland in fifth with 5.57 per cent, Italy with 5.03 per cent, France with 3.85 per cent and the Czech Republic with 3.77 per cent.