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Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission Stops Lom Harbor Concession

The Commission on Protection of Competition (CPC) stopped the procedure for the concession of the harbor at the Bulgarian Danube town of Lom. The action is in response to the complaint of one of the candidates – the union “Bri-Port” of the businessman Hristo Kovachki, informs the press center of CPC.

The information was confirmed by the minister of transport Peter Mutafchiev, who was chairman of the committee on the tender procedure for the concession of the harbor terminal.

Minister Mutafchiev commented that the committee has implemented perfectly its obligations. Ranking has been made and a position has been adopted. Temporary the harmonization procedure is stopped until the final decision of CPC is taken.

The extension and the modernization of the Lom harbor and his binding with the world structures in the shipping business are all set in the government's plans for the construction of a transport channel according to the European standards.

Last September's decision for giving the harbor on concession for 35 years tries to reduce the advantage of the Romanians in the modernization of the harbor in Constantza, which is already very competitive to Varna and Bourgas.