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Bulgarian Buys The Most Expensive Estate In Australia

A 25 years old internet magnate Daniel Cvetkov with Bulgarian origin has bought one of the most expensive real estates in whole Australia.

The millionaire Cvetkov have paid 28 million Australian Dollars (26 million USD) for the enormous housing, which will be the biggesdt building when finished of the Golden Shore stripe, famous as the ‘Millionaire Street'.

When completely constructed, the building will be estimated on 50 to 70 million USD.

Cvetkov has a Bulgarian origin, but was born in  Ipswich. He has started his business with online paying at the age of 18.

His business partner is Salvatore Shaka, cousin of the ex-federal minister Con Shaka.

Now Danial is getting married and his father announced the building is going to be their family home.

Cvetkov has bought the building from Tony Smith - businessman, whose tourist company bankrupted last week.