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Bulgarian Airplane Spartan To Be Shown At Biggest World Airshow

The Bulgarian military transport airplane 'Spartan' will be shown at the biggest world airshow 'Farnborough', 'Trud' daily informed.

The show is conduced every other year and this year it will be in the United Kingdom in July.

With a letter to the Bulgarian Ministry of defense, the Italian company-producer “Alenia aeronautica” has requested the Bulgarian plane to be presented at the airshow with the company bearing all the expanses.

Usually, the giants in the aviation industry participate in the “Farnborough” airshow.

1480 companies from 35 states took part in the last show.

It will be the first time Bulgarian airplane to be shown at a “Farnborough” show.

“Spartan” is a joint work of “Alenia aeronautica” and “Lockheed Martin”. It is a tactical military transport airplane. It is provided with two 'Rolls Royce' engines, each having 4600 hp power.

The airplane can take off and land at unprepared air-strips.