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Bulgaria, The Rose Of The Balkans, Turns To Eco-tourism

This year Bulgaria will play its tourist trump in the field of eco- and rural tourism, writes the French tourist website The Bulgarian motto for 2009 is "The nature welcomes you". The country possesses huge potential to develop these two segments of the tourist market, because the protected areas in which the nature and the biodiversity remain untouched are around 34% of the Bulgarian territory.At the moment 90% of the tourism in Bulgaria is concentrated in balneocenters, ski and SPA resorts and in the two biggest towns in the country in which the business and the cultural tourism are extremely developed.The Bulgarian national agency on tourism hopes that putting of the eco and rural tourism to the forefront will allow the country to diversify its tourist offers and to get a new image.In the long-run, the eco tourism is for Bulgaria an instrument for revival of the mountain and rural regions, most of which are deserted.