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Bulgaria Ranks First On Fdi In 2007

Bulgaria ranks first on foreign direct investments in 2007, stated Bulgaria's Economy Minister Peter Dimitrov in the lecture ‘Economy perspectives before Bulgaria and Bulgarian - American trade relation'.

Dimitrov explained that the incomes from foreign investments for the last year were round 6,5 billion EUR.

Bulgaria's budget surplus until March 31, 2008 was 547 million EUR.

The country takes 9th place in the world on attractive place for making business, as ranking first in Central and eastern Bulgaria.

The electricity prices are lower only in Latvia, but according to Minister Dimitrov's words the prices should remain at this level.

The prices of natural gas are lower only in Estonia, and the petrol and diesel are cheaper only in Romania.

Bulgaria can't decrease the stakes of petrol and diesel without to enter in conflict with the EU, the Economy Minister said.

The country is also the last one on energy intensity, despite having huge reserves. To be realized the reserves; the measures for energy efficiency should be priority.

Bulgaria ranks latest of expenses made by employers for labor. The Minister believes that this is due to the lowest levels of payment and to the lowest levels of paid taxes.