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Bulgaria Has The Highest Budget Surplus

The money of the budget surplus should be somehow returned to the tax payers.

That claims Georgy Angelov, economist of the ‘Open Society' foundation.

Since the beginning of the year to the moment the surplus has raised to 1,660 000 000 BGN (880 million EUR).

The data of the Finance Ministry's last report shows this amount is triple than the same period of the last year.

‘Part of the surplus of this overfulfilment of the budget, could be returned to the tax payers, firms and citizens in the form of lower fees, increasing of the assurance payments, for example.

This act will also stimulate the economics - the firms and the workers themselves to invest, to work and to qualify and to receive more money.

Actually, big surplus is not necessary, even in nowadays situation of world finance crisis. Bulgaria is champion of biggest surplus, a more moderate level and returning of part of the taxpayers' money would be good policy for Bulgaria.' Georgy Angelov analyses.