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Bulgaria Continues Being Property Investment Hotspot

Property investment group Assetz reported Bulgaria confirms its standing as leading property investment hotspot.

For the second quarter of 2006 the return rate of Bulgarian property was 137 per cent, Assetz reported. In March the figure reached 116 per cent.

Decreasing mortgage rates in the country make borrowing cheaper. Deposits decreased as well, guaranteeing investors bigger returns.

All these developments confirmed Bulgarian property remains an attractive option for property seekers. The strentghening of the country's tourism sector and the availability of low-cost flights further increased the appeal of the local property market, Assetz said.

Assetz  reported that the Greek and Polish property markets have also seen improvement in key indicators. Prices in Poland increased by nearly 25 per cent for the first six months of 2006.
The Spanish market also maintains its growth.

Assetz representatives said the expansion of the EU provided more options for property seekers interested in destinations abroad. Emerging markets like Bulgaria and Poland offered excellend investment return opportunities.

Traditional destinations like France and Cyprus remained attractive for property seekers looking for stability and already established buying procedures.