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British Tourists Pointed Towards Bulgaria

British holidaymakers have been advised to consider travelling to Bulgaria by a national newspaper.

According to the Times, the eastern European country offers a number of attractions which would appeal to the whole family.

In addition, Bulgaria was said to be much more affordable than places such as Italy, Portugal, France and Spain.

This is because the pound has slumped to a record low against the single European currency - falling by nearly a fifth in the last year.

As a result, travelling to a country inside the eurozone may not offer the value for money Britons have enjoyed in the past.

The Times commented: "It's been a bad year for the pound.

"Last summer, a €20 meal would have set you back Ј14. Now it would be Ј16.50."

By contrast, Bulgaria was said to offer bargain prices and comparable leisure facilities.

This comes after the Association of British Travel Agents revealed that emerging economies and mid to long-haul destinations are becoming more and more popular with tourists from the UK.