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Bourgas Mayor Property Owners Will Be Obliged To Renovate Their Homes

Bourgas home owners will be coerced, where necessary, into carrying out a major overhaul and restoration of the exterior of their properties. They will be given "a decent time frame in which to conduct the necessary work. In case they fail to do so, the municipality will renovate the buildings with its own resources, after which it will collect the funds through legal action, if necessary," Dnevnik daily has reported.Bourgas mayor Dimitar Nikolov announced during a press conference held in Bourgas town hall that a new order is being formulated regarding the town centre's major rejuvenation programme, which envisages all property owners who own real estate on central pedestrian streets in Bourgas, particularly along Alexandrovska and Bogoridi, complying with the municipal operation.The scheme envisages the thorough revamp of pedestrian streets in the centre of Bourgas, once the municipal order is approved. The task will be achieved gradually, with the Troikata Square, Alexandrovska and Bogoridi streets falling within the first phase of the renovation process.Owners of houses that have cultural monument status will also be obliged to renovate their exteriors. However in that particular case, they will have to obtain special documents first from the National Institute of Cultural Monuments (NICM).This major operation to renovate the centre of Bourgas has been augmented also by the decree issued by Nikolov stating that the period of time allocated for the refurbishment of Tsar Simeon St and the segment between Bulair and Cyril and Methodii has been effectively halved. It emerges that now those projects will have to finished within 25 days, complete with new pavements, tarmac, green belts, alleys and parking spaces.