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Biggest Housing Price Increases In Kyustendil, Plovdiv And Smolyan

Plovdiv and Smolyan are in the top three on apartment price increase among the regional cities in the country, statistical data from the second quarter of the year shows.In Smolyan the prices of housing have increased by 12,7% compared to the previous three months of 2008. Only Kyustendil and Plovdiv, where the increase is respectively 14,9% and 13,2% are ahead of the Rhodope Mountain town, the territorial statistics bureau announces.The sales in the apartment complexes in Pamporovo are not decisive for this boom of prices, moreover, the prices in Smolyan and in the resort complex are almost equal, real estate brokers comment.Most attractive and sought after are the new apartments that are in complexes that are still in construction. Prices in modern buildings vary between 550 and 650 Euro per square meter. Even cheaper - about 480 Euro per square meter is the purchase of housing for those who trust and pay up front.