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Berkovitsa-renewal of the city

Municipality Berkovitsa win new projects for renovation of roads, pipelines and rural roads .The projects are in varying degrees of implementation.

For some construction activities have begun, for others it is in the process of selecting a contractorVery important for the city project provides a new vision of the two main streets - Alexandrovska and Nikolaevska. They will be replaced water and then make a new pavement, curbs and sidewalks. Project cost is 3.5 million, and funding is provided by the Operational Programme for Rural Development.

Continued construction of new water mains in the three largest villages - Quick, Zamfirovo Borovtsi.V neighborhood and Sunrise are building a children's center and repair of the street network. Another two projects are related to repairs of social buildings - a home for children with mental retardation and the Home for children deprived of parental care.Two of the projects are for rehabilitation of roads. One route is Petrohan-hut "Kom", familiar to many hikers and mountain one of the preferred routes in the area.

The other leg is Gaganitsa-Kotenovtsi-Chereshovitsa.In Berkovitsa continuing work on other projects related to renovation of the school environment and improving the water supply. Finally completed the project to modernize the old buildings of the school, "Dr. Ivan Panov" and the Primary School.