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"direct Petroleum" Discovers Big Gas Field In Bulgaria

There are big gas deposits in the village of Derventsi, in the region of Cherven briag, Bulgaria. This announced Kolio Tonev, manager of the American company "Direct Petroleum Bulgaria", which conducts exploratory drillings. He explained that the geological research has started several years ago.During the initial trial a 5900 m deep drill has been made and it has given promising results. A gas influx has been marked with a pressure of around 800 atmospheres, which shows that the field is big. The quality of the gas is good - it is dry, rich of condensed fluid, without water and alloy of sulphuretted hydrogen, explained Tonev."Direct Petroleum Bulgaria" will conduct additional tests in the beginning of September, when professional equipment from the USA is expected to arrive.The final results about the size and the quality of the field will be clear within a month. The exploitation of the field could start in the middle of 2009. Until then a gas pipeline is expected to be built, in which the company will invest over 40 million dollars. For the raising of the drill and the adjacent infrastructure a concession from the state has been received. Implemetors of the drilling are the Turkish companies "Aladin Eadl East" and "Gyunei Ildaze".The expectations of the investors are that the field near Derventsi will be the biggest natural gas one in Bulgaria.