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With repaired lifts start the new winter season in Pamporovo

With repaired lift facilities start the new winter ski season in Pamporovo This was announced by Zahari Shopov, responsible for the lift facilities in the ski resort of Pamporovo.

During this year about 25 000 levs were allocated for the repairs of the lifts in the ski resort. There are 14 facilities for ski and snowboard in the Pamporovo. The fall repairs and prophylaxis has already finished for this year and the ski resort is ready to welcome the first skiers and tourists. The repairs were started at the end of September, according to the agenda all surveys on the transport cables are completed as well as for the hydraulics and the electronics.

The resort is ready and prepared for the winter season as far as lift facilities and safety. The students holiday gave the start of the exploitation of the cable carts and the lift facilities.

Shopov pointed that before the students' holiday the government technical control - Plovdiv did a thorough survey on all cable carts and ski facilities. The checks and the surveys of the lift facilities are separated in a few categories, starting form daily trough monthly and annual.

Zahari Shopov explained that the problems of the lift facilities come from the lightning storms which are often rage in Pamporovo. The Snezhanka tower itself draws big current of electricity which goes into the cable lines and then part of the electronics stop working. We react immediately by changing the broken parts.

Zahari Shopov is working in Pamporovo maintenance crew for 16 years now and till the moment he does not remember to have a case of an incident. The crew working on the cable lines in Pamporovo is one of the most experienced in Bulgaria and we put efforts in order to keep the human resources that we have.

Mainly during the repairs and the maintenance of the cable lines during this year, the cable for the six seats cable cart from Stoykite to Snezhanka was shortened. More and more often the Bulgarian tourists are using the lift facilities. 11 600 people per hour is the capacity of the cable carts in the Bulgarian ski resort Pamporovo.