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We built more buildings with less homes

During the second trimester of 2011 the total number of new buildings in Bulgaria i 742 and on annual basis the number is higher with 13.1% but the number of separate homes decreased with 26.6% to 3497 separate units. This is indicated by data of the National Statistics Institute. The total usable area of the newly built homes in the period April - June is 282 000 sq.m. or with 17.2% less on annual basis.


The total living area also indicated a downfall of 13.8% to 188 500 sq.m. on the hand the average usable area of one new home is increased with almost 9 sq.m. to 80.6 sq.m. compared with the same period last year.The biggest number of new buildings is in the cities of Bourgas and Varna.


According to the statistics of the south black sea town, the buildings are 121 with total number of homes 1122. After Bourgas is Varna with 100 new buildings and 573 homes. They are followed by Stara Zagora - 74 buildings and 133 apartments and Sofia with 36 new buildings and 260 homes.


The biggest average usable area of a new home is indicated in the districts of Smolyan - 129 sq.m., Gabrovo - 126 sq.m., Rousse - 123 sq.m. and Sofia with 122 sq.m. On the other side are Vratsa - 52,5 sq.m and Sofia capital with 64.4 sq.m.