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The trust and confidence in new built properties is coming back

The low prices made modern sales and purchases of rural houses. In the close to Sofia settlements there already are offers of very cheap houses, which attracted the interest of many young families willing to invest in suburban property. Some of them have found after reconstruction to use it mainly for housing, while others intend to use it for recreation. Opposite trend is also present - people who live in surrounding settlements and work in Sofia, seem to be at this time able to obtain housing in the city at an attractive price and to avoid the constant traveling. This motivates them to sell or to seek another source of financing for the deal, but to proceed with it.

The majority of buyers are trying to avoid the use of external financing. Those who can obtain credit, are constantly in search of the best property for a specified amount from the bank. An example shows the change in the attitudes of individual investors - an offer for a three- room property, announced three months ago for 110 000 euro, is now marketed at a price of 77 500 Euros, which is neither a single or isolated case. Property developers continue to be active not only in the provision of attractive offers and schemes but the negotiation of specific concessions.

They become more motivated and work with intermediates and with flexibility in order to ensure a sale. As a result, the percentage of transactions in new housing construction is increasing - 54 percent of all apartments sold in September were at a stage between Act 14 and Act 16. It is important to know that 34% of these sellers are private individuals - owners who have bought the green and now seek the realization of their investment. The good news is the return of confidence because of the absence of noisy news of bankruptcies of construction companies, although such estimates were predicted. And buyers are well aware that property purchased at this stage, provides great opportunities for shaping the interior space according to their needs and equipment consistent with their own style and taste.

The specialists forecasts of the market are gradually switching to phase stability, price and speed are maintained at levels close to the momentary. Concessions will remain attractive for buyers so without these discounts transactions will be difficult to conclude. The overall conclusion from the market so far is that people are still free tools and motivation for purchase, but the product that is paid is selected carefully. So it will remain in the coming months.