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The rural tourism in Bulgaria - expectations and opportunities

An international survey which will gather information about the needs and the expectations of the tourists, who are using the services of the rural tourism, is starting in Bulgaria. This was announced by the Bulgarian Association for alternative tourism.

The survey is conducted by a project of the European Commission and is being being realized by the national associations of Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Slovenia and the European Confederation Evrozhit.

In the form of the survey is included an inquisition with recent questions. From the association are clarifying that the answers of the participants from one side will help for the improvement of the services and from another side will mark the main expectations and opportunities which this kind of tourism has to offer. The people who will fill the questionary will have the opportunity to participate in a lottery, the winners will receive one unforgettable vacation in a nice Bulgarian village.

The Association has already prepared the questionary for the survey in Bulgarian language. They are appealing everyone who has an interest in the rural tourism in Bulgaria, to participate in it by filling the standard blanks published in their website.