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The role of buildings and the need for an integrated approach

Interest in sustainable construction is growing and it increased the number of theories, opinions and trainings on the topic. Yet speak mainly on energy efficiency as a resistance against a building and not paying due attention to the many other factors that play a huge role in objectively assessing whether a building is sustainable or not.

As much as we want to believe that building more and architecture remain the same principles over time, can not be denied that today the industry is much more complex level. Simply put, the buildings are now kompleksnimehanizmi which, in addition to best connect us with past and present historical heritage, and perform many other roles. Besides offering shelter and perform feature buildings today do much more.

Building continually yield new dimensions of social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Because of rapidly developing technological innovations and developments in consumer needs and life's scheme as a whole, the frequent changes and updating the buildings are inevitable.