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The rising of the prices of agricultural land in Bulgaria is expected to continue

Investors from other sectors of the property market are diverted to the agricultural lands, because of their attractiveness lately.

Prices of agricultural lands in Bulgaria will continue to grow up or at least maintain at the current levels-said Radoslav Manolov, executive director of Advanced Terafond,one of the biggest joint-stock companies with special investment purpose.M-r Manolov noted that there is growth in the concluded deals for agricultural lands. He predicted that the market activity will continue to intensify, as the most active buyers will remain tenants.

The special investment purpose companies invested a lot in the agricultural land market. Subsequently, interest in land began to strengthen because of European subsidies, he added.

According to him a lot of farmers were worried from the activity of the special investment purpose companies and the fact that they can become their competitor and they also started buying land with the idea to invest and make profit in near future.Thus we notice a consolidation of the agricultural land in the country and increase in the transparency of the bargains.

Because of the crisis in recent years, there is a redirection of investors from other sectors of the property to agricultural land, he said. This is an asset that keeps good price and good return, added M-r Manolov.