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The prices of studios in Sofia fell almost double

According to a report in the property sites for the past 5 years after the beginning of the crisis in the property market, red brick one - bedroom apartments in the center of Sofia have fallen almost half of their price.

The highest bid not only for this part of Sofia, but for the whole city is 115 000 EUR for a studio on the ground floor of Vitosha Bul., with area of 45 sq.m.

Currently at the center of Sofia, 30 of the offers for brick studios are priced at least 50 000 EUR, while other 100 from 20 000 to 50 000 EUR. One of the cheapest in this part of the capital city is a studio on the ground floor for the price of 23 000 EUR.

According to another statistic for the last 5 years the greatest price decline in this segment is by 50% for the studios in the residential district "Lozenec". The offers in this district for brick studios vary from 29 750 to 50 000 EUR.

In Geo Milev district for the years of crisis, the prices of brick studios have fallen by 43%. Now the offers there range from 29 000 to 39 000 EUR.

With 35% have fallen the prices in "Beli Brezi" for the last 5 years and now the offers for red brick studios range from 27 800 to 55 000 EUR.