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The most expensive properties are bought from Russians

British and Irish sell-Russians buy. This can be defined as a main trend in the property market lately. Many British already sold their properties even at a loss. The Russians, on the other hand, found a number of advantages to choose Bulgaria for investment: like language and geographic proximity, falling prices and incentives to stay within the European Union.

For the past five years, about 150,000 Russians have acquired houses and apartments in Bulgaria. They have paid over 965 million euro for their properties, according to the BNB, delivered in May. Up to now, the Russians have made around 80% of the foreign property investments in the country. The main interest is in the Black Sea resorts.

The statistic shows that Russians are interested not only in cheap properties, but also in luxury and exclusive properties:

Some months ago our review showed that the most expensive property in the country, offered for sale in one of the largest real estate sites on the Internet is costs 4.2 million euro. We found more and more expensive luxury offers during a research in two of the largest Russian portals as well:

Proposals for properties priced above € 100,000 were more than 8000 and 14 properties (out of hotels and plots) at a price of over one million euro.

The most expensive property is for luxury house in Varna with area of 1600 square meters. According to the bid, it offers rooms with high ceilings, private garden, parking and sea view. The price is 11 million euro. We couldn`t find such price in the Bulgarian property websites. This offer was seen by more than 3000 Russians.

The second most luxurious proposal was again in Varna in the Sea Garden. It is a house built in 2004, fully furnished, which is offered by a private person, very close to the beach and within walking distance to the downtown. The house has an area of 1016 square meters, four bedrooms, study, library, indoor pool and greenhouse, wine cellar, five bathrooms, kitchen, garden and a garage for premium-class cars. The price is € 8,000,000.

The following proposals have already come close to the prices we've seen in Bulgaria. Luxurious house on two floors with an area of 850 square meters, again in Varna, is available for € 2,850,000. The offer was launched a month ago.

The most expensive proposal in Burgas is for 2 million euro. This is a historic house in the Sea garden of Burgas, a five minute walking distance from the center and 150 meters from the sea. The house has an area of 512 square meters with the garden the whole size of the property is 821 m2.The first floor is converted into a restaurant, so that the property is suitable for those who want to do business in Bulgaria.

Estate-style 18th century ,near Varna is available for € 1,950,000. It is luxury furnished. The main building has two floors, an indoor pool and winter garden. The house is 1950 square meters, and the entire property size is 5000 square metersIt is said that with buyers will find the "real life, unspoiled by tourists, just 100 meters from home."

For comparison- the most expensive property that we sew in Sofia, is priced for € 1.5 million euro and is in "Lozenets". This is a four floor building area of 1218 square meters, divided into several apartments with 20 rooms, studio and penthouse on the roof, with three offices on the ground floor, garage and basement. The building, which covers is the Bulgarian state standard of construction is not furnished.