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The most expensive apartments outside Sofia

The second largest city - Varna, a few years ago often compete with Sofia property prices and there were times when even the average prices higher than growth in the capital's most expensive property put up for sale is a sale price of 760,000 euros.

Interestingly, it is a two bedroom apartment in the Sea garden near the sea (80 meters according to the ad). On the basis of a declared area of 176 square meters, price per square meter, which wants the seller to the amount of € 4,318. The apartment consists of entrance hall, living room - 42 sq.m., kitchen - 22 sq.m, second bedroom - 20 sq.m with bathroom to it - 5 sq.m, a third bedroom - 16 sq.m with bathroom - 7 sq. m a closet, small and large balcony.

Just find an apartment in Varna with the declared sale price over € 500,000 and this is again two-bedroom apartment of 154 square meters, which again is in the Sea Garden. For him, the owner wants the sum of 536,000 euros.

Considerably cheaper are the most expensive apartments available for sale in other large coastal city - Burgas. There offers at levels above € 500,000 are missing, the most expensive flat which we find through popular property site is at the center to offer a selling price of 250,000 euros.

 It's back to three-room apartment of 130 square meters, making square meters with a specified purchase price of just € 1,923. In the second largest city in Bulgaria also find that the most expensive apartments available for sale are 250 000. With this sale price was announced furnished apartment of 280 square meters near the Fair Grounds.

The apartment has two bedrooms, living area 100 m2, balcony, wardrobes, 2 bathrooms. The interesting thing here is that the announced price for the order is EUR 500. In the fifth largest city in the country - Ruse, offers the most expensive apartments are more modest and do not reach 150,000 euros. Bedroom apartment in downtown of 150 square meters found to be sold to a declared retail price of 130,000 euros. This makes a modest 867 euros per square meter.