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The construction in Bulgaria was revived

The preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) shows that the construction in Bulgaria was revived in April. On an annual basis, there is a growth of 4.1% and in comparison with the previous month the increase was 4.2%.

The positive outcome in April is mainly determined by the increase in building construction, as there the index of construction output grew by 6.5%.

For the past four and a half years the construction of residential buildings decreased continuously.

The only further increase except in April was in February-15.1%, then, the record growth was due to the excessively low base of comparison from last year.

In civil construction, which includes public infrastructure projects, has a minimum growth of 0.7 % on an annual basis.

Despite the small increase, it is the first for the last five months. In March was recorded an annual decline of 11.4%.