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The cheapest alcohol and bread are in Bulgaria

According to Eurostat data, the cheapest bread and alcohol on the old continent are sold in Bulgaria. Our country is also on third place in cheap cigarettes in the confines of the European Union.

In 2012 the lowest prices for food and beverages were in Poland. The basic products cost there, was 61% of the average for the European Union.

Romania was second at low prices with a level of 67% of the average for Europe.

Denmark is the country with the most expensive food and non-alcoholic drinks, shows the price monitoring of Eurostat for the last year. There the basket of basic products was worth 143% of the average for all 27 countries of the European Union. Higher than average prices are still in Sweden (124%), Austria (120%), Finland (119%) and Ireland (118%).

Eurostat reported that the cheapest bread is in Bulgaria, as the price of daily here is 57% of the average for Europe.

Our country is also at first place in cheap alcohol in the European Union. The data shows that the prices here are 67% of Central - European. The most expensive alcoholic beverages are in Finland, where the prices are 175% of the average for Europe.

In United Kingdom, the alcoholic beverages cost 143 % more than the average level for Europe.

Bulgaria is in top three for low prices of tobacco products. Before us are just Hungary where prices were 52% of the average for Europe and Lithuania, where prices were 55% of the average.

According to Eurostat, in our country the cigarettes cost 57% of the average for European Union countries. Tobacco is most expensive in Ireland, where a pack of cigarettes cost a 199% of the Central European prices.