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The central Sofia is being renovated

With funds from the Municipal company "Regional development" will be renovated part of the center of the Bulgaria's capital - Sofia. This is the so called small ring - the region between the boulevards Maria Luiza, Vitosha and Patriarh Evtimii. The allocated funds are 960 700 levs, - 48 000 levs of these money is funded by the Sofia municipality.


The plan, how exactly this part of Sofia will look like, should be ready bu the middle of 2013. This was promised by the companies who won the competition - "Obedinenie Sofia XXI". The plan has a goal to show how the ideal center of the capital should look like, from one side - buildings, side walks, architectural monuments of culture and on the other hand - what improvements are necessary in relation to the transport, social and ecological infrastructure.


The goal of the plan is to take out some specific projects, which can be specified clear enough so that they can be elaborated by the end of 2014 and with these projects Sofia will be able to apply for financing from the European Union. This is the idea of the plan. If we succeed to formulate and justify well enough maximal number of projects, it will be a success. These projects could be for improving the urban environment, the conditions of life in certain city areas, attracting investors in ex industrial areas which have the potential, but are not developed at the moment - explained Peter Dikov - chief architect of Sofia.