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Tax concessions for Greek investments in Bulgaria

Greek business has serious interests for investment in Bulgaria. So, they are welcome, "said Minister Mladenov, the Bulgarian Minister of Labour and Social policy. Tax concessions for companies, who want to invest in not so well developed areas with high percent of unemployment in Bulgaria. This will be one of anti- crisis measures which is offered by the social Minister Totio Mladenov This is the latest information from the briefing held in the Greek capital. There was also a discussion for giving an opportunity to affected from the crisis companies to draw special loans to pay social security contributions of their staff. Special phone line will be opened by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. It will be available for people with impaired labour rights to seek assistance from the local supervisory authorities. This phone line will be established jointly with the Labour Inspectorate. During his visit in Athens, the Bulgarian Minister of Labour and Social Policy discussed the conditions for investment in Bulgaria with representatives of the Greek Chamber of Commerce in Athens. Special units will be opened in Bulgaria. They will train staff preliminary, depending on the demand. Our south neighbors will use the Bulgarian experience in the field of the "Human Resources" said Minister Mladenov. The two Ministers exchanged their experiences in the anti-crisis measures and the options against unemployment that Sofia and Athens Governments will take. There was also a discussion for signing a bilateral agreement for co-operation between the two countries, which is scheduled to be signed in October in Sofia.