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Svishtov promote tourism in EU programs

Recovery Project headquarters and the Basilica of the Roman military camp and early Byzantine city of Nove was presented before the days before the Operational Programme "Regional Development". Requests for an investment of over 6 million, thanks to an attractive way to "survive" the principles of the best studied Roman camp in Bulgaria and one of the largest basilicas in the Balkans from V-VI century.

Ancient Novae has an area of ​​17 ha, located 4 km east of Svishtov. 45 years there is held the Bulgarian-Polish archaeological excavations. For Nove was the first large investment project of Svishtov municipality under the PHARE program, where visitors center built. To become a historic value available to more people and attracts tourists in the past three years Svishtov municipality allocated for 35 thousand own funds to conduct an ancient festival "Eagle on the Danube ".

There are more road construction, installation of garbage bins, lamps in the Viennese style, information boards. The duration of the project is two years, until October 2012.