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Spa centers - a few quality projects but with potential for development

The spa industry is a business with well diversified risks, which according to the date of The European SPA Association (ESPA) is generating a gross income of about 20 billion euro per year in Europe. From one side the industry is a sector of the health care and from the other side it is a sector of the tourism and this helps for its stability during the time of crisis in either one of both directions.

As a related branch the market for spa equipment is influenced by the well being of the spa industry, other factors are also essential for its growth.

According to observers the market for spa equipment is a bit dormant at the moment because of the financial and economical crisis, which forced a lot of investors to stop their projects and delay the building works.

This will last only for a few more months and immediately after that there will be increase and movement on the market - announce from the Eastern European association for balneology and spa tourism. According to Tsveti Milanova - chairman of the association, the spa equipment is not entirely related to the real estate market, because the investors' intentions are divers.

Some projects might be obsolete but others enjoy great investors' interest. This fact could be seen in a recently made analysis according to which the spa centers which are offered for sale rarely stay on the market for long time compared with other business properties and their sellers are rarely eager to make big discounts.