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Sofia is still the cheapest city for the tourists in Europe

About 115 BGN per night at hotel Sofia is the most accessible destination for tourists.

This shows the latest online survey by the search engine Trivago , among more than 50 European cities and resorts. According to it, the cheapest hotels in Bulgaria are located in Veliko Tarnovo with an average 76 BGN per night.

Hospitable are also Sunny beach, Sozopol and Nesebar with respectively 80 BGN, 82 BGN and 86 BGN for one night. Golden Sands with the average hotel price from 131 BGN for room, turns out to be the most expensive accommodation in Bulgaria than those included in the study.

High prices retained and at the mountain resorts, where a bed for less than 110 BGN looks like real deal.

The most expensive European city is currently Geneva with a record of 542 BGN per night. This peak is associated with one of the most famous automobile exhibitions in Europe, which is held in March.

High prices are also in London with an average price of 366 BGN per night, Milan - 329 BGN, Venice – 321 BGN, and Paris - 321 BGN for a single stay. The hotels in Warsaw, Budapest and Bucharest offer nights at 130-140 BGN.