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Sofia airport, Terminal 1 will be repaired or rebuilt

Total demolition of Terminal 1 at Sofia airport and rebuilt or overhaul. These are the two options for the fate of the Sofia airport.

The building was built during the Second World War. A few years later opened the first regular line Sofia-Bourgas.

The architects of the Terminal have made the main hall a solid and strong. Until 2000 this passes the entire traffic volume. In 2012, the former manager of the airport Veselin Peykov promised construction of a new terminal, which to handles 5.5 million passengers per year, with two galleries and around 15 new sleeves.

The last reconstruction of the terminal was taken in 2001. Since then there has been no repairs. Now there are two options. One is the complete demolition and rebuilding, and the second option – repair.

A decision will be taken only after the adoption of the master plan of Sofia airport, from which depends the development of the airport over the next 10-15 years.

Marble finishes, wrought iron chandeliers, wall panels, depicting maps of Bulgaria and post-war Europe, as well as hidden from the eyes of passengers wooden Hall, commissioned by the "Luftwaffe" reichsmarchall Hermann Goering.