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"Sapareva banya" planned geothermal power plant with financing from World Bank

New drilling for mineral water plans to make the municipality Sapareva banya. Drilling is needed to implement the project for geothermal plant, which has existed since 2005, said the mayor Sasho Ivanov.

The project envisages to introduce modern technology to cool the water to 40 degrees and prevents contact with air.

Ten days ago Sapareva bathroom entitled to use the 25-year period free resource of mineral water. Local authorities will have a 9.7 l / sek.ot flow of the spring.

So far, the mineral water was used for heating the municipal building, kindergarten and school. Part of the flow is provided in two of the hotels, sanatoriums and new bathroom.

 Municipal authorities plan to build a spa on an area of 30 acres. For his works are held talks with Japanese and Russian investors. The mineral water springs in Sapareva banya is 104 degrees and is warmest in the Balkans. Used for treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, skin.