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Revival of the housing in Bulgaria

The low prices and slightly increased demand for flats will encourage the construction of housing, predicted real estate brokers.
Construction of housing will be stepped up, because people are convinced that prices can't fall anymore.

For now the interest is greatest towards the cheapest and smallest housing.
By the end of the year could be expected a minimal increase in the activity of the market and prices because high-quality offers.

Most active by the end of the year will be the market in Sofia, in which we expect the volume of sales to continue to grow at robust rates.

The other important market segment will continue to be the vacation properties and to some extent we can expect an increase in the interest and to the winter resorts.

Currently, more people are looking for housing in the buildings, completed in recent years and these that meet all the requirements for higher energy efficiency class.

Continue the shortage of good properties in the big cities. It is expected that by the end of next year, it could be overcome, because then will be completed many new apartments whose construction has already started.

The entrepreneurs prefer to build mainly smaller buildings, but in good places.

The demand now is for one-bedroom apartments up to 40,000-45,000 euros and two bedroom, but up to 80-90 sq.m at the price to 50 000-60 000 euros.