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Properties are getting cheaper rents are rising during the last months

Prices of different types of properties are moving in unison in the last month and are decreasing, according to the latest news from the leading sources in the real estate market.The biggest lowering over this period is distinguished in the one bedroom apartments. Their average price in Sofia has decreased with 1.5% per month, which comes to 712 euro per sq.m.The average prices of any district shall not exceed € 1,000 for 1 bedroom apartment and this trend is stable for the moment.

At the same time the price for 2 and 3 bedroom apartments also decrease in the different regions. There are only three districts in Sofia that keep average prices over 1000 euro - Ivan Vazov (1119 euros), East (1066 euros) and the Centre with 1031 euros per square meter.Almost the same situation is observed for 2 bedroom dwellings in neighborhoods like Speedway (1070 euros) and Refrigerator (€ 1,038). All these regions offer excellent infrastructure and good communicative spots, which higher the price.

Upward adjustment can be found under the proposed cheapest one-bedroom apartments that are located in Obelia 2 with salling price of 492 euros against 468 euros selling price in Malinova Dolina .A similar trend can be found in the 2-bedroom apartments, and the cheapest available for sale in Obelia 1, with an average selling price of 485 euros against 472 euros in Levski Region.All these regions are in the suburbs of the city and are not so good regulated and organized, this is the reason for the big difference in the prices.

Interesting trend is the increasing of the rents, just opposite to the sales prices. Thus, for example, rents for single dwellings increased with 4.8%, which is about to € 3.67, compared with € 3.5 a month ago.Increase of 1 % to 3.09 euros is recorded for the average asking rents for 2-bedroom apartments, while those of 1-bedroom apartments dropped down with 0.8 percent, accordingto more statistics.