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Prices in the seaside resorts are falling down earlier

During the last ten days of August, prices of hotels for accommodation in the sea resorts will fall up to 30% -promised people from the industry. Usually, discounts start at the beginning of September. August is the busiest month during the season and is sufficiently compacted. Tour operators, however, made earlier "promotion" to attract tourists, hoping to extend the season until October.

Most of the holiday packages on the Black Sea this summer range from 20-30 to 150 leva per day. It depends if the package, includes food or just the accommodation, if it is all Inclusive, Ultra all inclusive and etc. Prices will begin to fall earlier and in the different hotels-more expensive and less expensive ones. It turns out that the longer season and lower prices aiming to attract mainly Bulgarian tourists to both Southern and the Northern coast. In practice, prices are the main thing that attracts tourists in the resorts.

This year, however, will be one of the most successful years- Bulgarian tourism industry are clear. This is now confirmed by statistics - around June, accommodation of foreigners and Bulgarians in the hotels, motels and cabins have increased with over 7% compared to the last year.