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Prices from 350 euro per square meter in Bansko

While in the residential sector we notice an optimistic trends for improving the real estate market in Bulgaria, in the vacation sector the situation remains critical. In the past one year the prices of the offered real estates of vacation properties decreases with 25%. In 2011 the average price at which the deals were concluded was 35 000 euro, while year earlier the average prices of the property deals was 42 800 euro.


At the moment the cheapest properties for sale in Bansko are small studios in the center of the ski resort, they are starting from prices like 350 euro per square meter. The apartments are completely finished. A studio with area 37 sq.m. could be purchased for 15 000 euro.


From their highest levels back in 2008, the prices of the vacation properties in Bansko have decreased with 55%.