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Park Mall Opening in Stara Zagora Draws Huge Interest

More that 60,000 people visited the new Park Mall commercial complex in Stara Zagora in the first three days after its opening. The number of visitors in the opening day (October 31) reached 25,000.The mall draws the interest of the clients from the entire region including Haskovo, Yambol, Nova Zagora, Sliven, Radnevo, Galabovo and Chirpan.There was a strong interest in the 120 tenants of Park Mall, as well as in the promotional offerings and the attractions in the opening day.The ARENA cinema complex, which accommodates six movie theaters boasting digital and 3D equipment also attracted many visitors.Park Mall's managerial team has prepared an intense program for the entire month of November, including children events, premiers and parties, aimed at various visitor groups.