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Pamporovo wants expansion of ski slopes

"Pamporovo" corporation has requested permission for the expansion of the ski slopes in the resort. This was announced by the director of the company Marian Belyakov, quoted by BTA. The company will invest approximately $ 5 million euro in preparation for the upcoming winter season.

The greatest planned investment is for a new four-seat lift, which will cost approximately 3.8 million euro. The new lift will be built from "Two bridges" to peak "Snejanka". The lift will be with a length of about 1 km and it should be ready by the beginning of the winter season.

About 100 thousand BGN will be used for mounting the lighting of areas of slopes in the resort. The project for the lighting of the ski trails can be ready by the beginning of the winter season, if the procedures for issuing the permits have completed, specify the director of the company.

In the municipality of Smolyan is deposited an investment plan for the installation of emergency lighting of "green ski slope II "," green "ski slope" and emergency lighting on the PVL - 2, ski track "giant slalom" and ski track "stenata".

The preparation of the ski area before the winter also includes placing grass on eroded areas. It is provided also expand of the system for artificial snow.