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Now is the time to buy a home invite banks

Fear of rising inflation is forcing people to seek more security for their money as they invest in real estate. In the first quarter of this year is 2-3% growth in number and volume of loans, account statistics of the Bulgarian National Bank.

"Banks definitely have a desire to return to the housing market, is convinced the CEO of Credit Center" Tihomir Toshev. He said in recent years the sector will again rely on credit.

Evidence of the intentions of credit institutions to be more active in search of wealthy Bulgarians is the wave of deals in which flooding the market. The new best customers are valuable to banks, so they improve conditions in advertisements for mortgage loans. After several months of increases in loan interest and fees now be lowered, increasing the percentage of financing without down payment to the buyer.

The average mortgage in Bulgaria is granted at 8% interest - whether in euro or currency, interest shown BNB statistics for April.