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New way of determination of the tax for collecting the rubbish

From next year the trash fee that citizens and businesses pay to the municipalities, will be determined in a new way.

From the beginning of 2015, it must depend on the quantity of discarded trash, not tax assessment of the property, as it is now.

For this purpose, the Ministry of the environment and the Association of municipalities must make a calculation methodology. There will be no identical model for all settlements, but several variants, of which local authorities can choose according to the specifics. This became clear from the words of the Environment Minister Iskra Mihaylova. The work on the new formulas is not yet started.

It is clear, that the easiest option is the total rubbish for a settlement to be split of the number of its inhabitants, and so to be determined the fee. In larger cities, the method can be applied at the level of district, a neighborhood, a residential block.

The ideal case is to measure the individual amount of trash per person or household. This can be done with special bags whose price is actually a levy on household waste.

A similar system operates in quite a few European countries. However, it applies only to waste that cannot be recycled and benefit from. For the waste which are used as raw materials, there is a fixed annual fee.