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New guest houses in Belogradchik

In Belogradchik expect many people to meet the new 2011. Owners of guest houses refurbished their properties to meet housing requirements for visitors.Ten new guesthouses will welcome the first tourists for New Year in Belogradchik, announced by the local municipality. She has recorded and new rooms, which meet the requirements to meet and accommodate visitors. Thus, in the tourist town of the number of hotels and guest houses reached 50, and the beds - 800.

Some of the houses in the rock city have become emblematic for the tourists. Most preferred are "Albacita" Primavera "," Skalolazka "," Jun ". Now to this list and add new "Rock Legend", "Ego," Dubrava "," Gaya ". Some of the properties are located in the city, others - in nearby villages.Most hosts are in fact adapted to their new purpose buildings, renovated thoroughly. Construction of new buildings is rare.

During the year, has increased the number of restaurants. Since 10 they have become 15. Hotels and guesthouses are almost fully booked for New Year. This is a good sign that interest in Belogradchik continues to grow, are satisfied by the municipal government.