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New buildings in Bulgaria with certificate for saving energy

After the introduction of cooperative operation is made exploration which establishes the level of energy consumption, identify specific opportunities for mitigation and recommended measures to increase energy efficiency.

The inspection aims and to assess greenhouse gas emissions savings as a result of measures to improve the energy efficiency of the property and the cost-benefit ratio of the project implementation. Analyzed are and the possibilities for the use of energy from its own renewable energy sources.

The owner of the building receives documents for the inspection of energy efficiency with protocol and within 14 days is required to provide them with a cover letter in the Agency for sustainable energy development.

According to the new ordinance, the certificate for the energy performance of the building include 10 basic things, as these include a description of all its energies and distribution of the annual consumption of energy consumption for heating, ventilation, cooling, hot water and power, expressed as a share of total consumption.

The certificate is valid for 10 years and is updated with the release of new in the improvement of the overall energy performance of the building as a reconstruction, basic renovation, major repairs or reconstruction of the building, repair of the installations of the building.

For a private object from the building, certificate shall be issued on the basis of the total for the entire building when buildings with a total heating and/or cooling installation.

According to changes in the law on energy efficiency by March of compulsory certification for all buildings are subject to the public service in operation.