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Miracles of the village Leshten

Leshten fairy village, already well known as an attractive target for rural tourism, is located on the southern slope of the Western Rhodopes, 200 km. from Sofia.

People come here because of the wonderful scenery, tranquility and restored old houses, which offer modern amenities along with verandas, courtyards and taverns. Famous for its excellent cuisine is the local pub.

Nearby are the hot pools at the resort Ognyanovo architectural reserves Kovachevitsa and Lower and many temptations.In recent years, and Leshten, and Kovachevitsa and Lower buy land and build houses Bulgarians from Europe and across the world (Australia, USA) and more foreigners - from Belgium, France, Italy, England, Russia ...

One of the biggest attractions of Leshtena gallery of the great Bulgarian poet Boris Christoff and his wife - artist Darina (