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Mandatory insurance "earthquake"

The introduction of mandatory insurance against natural disasters, consider the Bulgarian deputies.

It's about a system which covers the residential buildings all over Bulgaria.

The first step for this purpose is already made, but two more are necessary, explained the president of the parliamentary commission for regional development Dimcho Mihalevski.

The new seismic map of Bulgaria is now ready, indicating which villages are at risk from earthquake and by what extent. On our territory the possible catastrophic events are more floods and landslides.

The idea of compulsory insurance should receive support from the public, before being implemented, believes Mihalevski.

The idea is the price of the insurance to be a small percentage of the value of the property, to be affordable to the people, explains Mihalevski.

It is envisaged the money to be collected by private insurers, but to go into a State fund, and for the companies to remain a minimum percentage commission.