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Lower garbage fee for businesses and citizens in Pleven

With around 29 thousand less garbage fee will pay a key investor in Pleven, which has realized an investment of 18.2 mln

On average 20% less garbage fee will pay even small and medium companies, individuals will decrease by about 11%, provides Pleven municipality in the draft budget for 2011 that will be discussed at the local mayor announced parlament.This was announced by Mayor Nayden Zelenogorski.

Motive is the desire of local governments to ease business and citizens in a financial crisis. Prepared plan account for 2011 shows the existence of the possibility of such change.

Under the current proposal prepared 8 Changes for companies which are taxed under the general procedure is lowered to 6. Legal persons who have declared that they will be taxed on the basis of quantity of waste generated will now pay 40 percent of 6 ppm instead of 50% of 8 ppm, as the order date.