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The logistics business has enjoyed 10 to 20% growth in turnover as a result of increased exports of the country in 2010. That said Sergei Koinov, Executive Director of Forton International. This led to optimism among market participants. Unfortunately, major tenants of logistics and storage space in the country prefer to build their own databases and statistics prove it - 73% end in 2010, new modern areas are owned by their users, make Koinov.

Changing the location or renegotiating rents are two main ways in which logistics companies optimize their costs in time, the report says the company's third quarter of 2010, which was released today. Tenants accurately weigh which of the two options will be more advantageous for them before resorting to action.

In the third quarter occurred only 12,684 square meters industrial areas, report the data of Forton International. This is an increase of 2.5% over the second quarter of this year. Currently in the area of the city has over 527,000 square meters new logistics. Under construction in Sofia are the other 73,730 square meters The percentage of vacant space in the segment continues its growth for Q3 2010 reached 9.24%.